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Titan Missile Site 570-3

We got to check out Titan II Missile Site 570-3 just northwest of Tucson. In 2016 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the USAF dedicated the Titan II Missile Historical Site. There are a series of plaques located around the site showing the history of Titan II and the locations of different parts of the Silo. It was activated on May 1st 1962 and deactivated on Dec. 2nd 1983. It is located at Latitude: 32°22’4.95"N Longitude: 111°27’44.08"W #aviationpreservation #aviationsafari #boneyardsafari #usaf #titanmissile #titanmissilesilo #titanmissilemuseum #usaf #strategicaircommand


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