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The Greatest Shoot - North Weald, Essex United Kingdom

North Weald, Essex - United Kingdom.

It was called The Greatest Shoot, a weekend with actors from the forthcoming ‘Masters of their Air’ TV series and Europe’s sole remaining airworthy B-17 ‘Sally-B’. A very bold claim to make but one that was exceeded in so many ways. Boneyard Safari were there on Saturday.

The plan on Saturday was to recreate iconic shots taken prior to the last mission of the ‘Memphis Belle’. I think we managed to do that! The day was organised by The Centre of Aviation Photography and B-17 Preservation ~ the Sally B page with the actors in costume throughout the day. I cannot state how much effort was put into recreating the costumes. If the TV series matches the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into reproducing them, then we are really in for a treat.

The series airs on Apple TV across the globe sometime soon and was shot in Southern England.

I’ve tried to process the pictures to give them a nostalgic/original feel. Hope you enjoy.

More to come later with the air to air shots.


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