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Sahuarita Flight Strip

As we continue to explore aviation history, we took a look at Sahuarita Flight Strip this week. Abandoned since 1978, it is now a road that is closed off leading to a high school in the town of Sahuarita, AZ. Sahuarita Bombing & Gunnery Range was completed by April 1942, the Flight Strip was opened in 1943. The airfield had twelve buildings and other structures, observation towers, and a 5,540-foot paved runway. After World War II ended the range was closed, in 1950 it was reopened and renamed the Sahuarita Air Force Range. During the Korean War it was used as a bombing range, after the war Strategic Air Command kept it in service as an emergency flight strip. #sahuaritaflightstrip #auxilleryairfield #aviationsafari #aviationpreservation #boneyardsafari


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