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Diamond Jet

In the realm of aircraft rarity, this ranks pretty far up on the scale. Designed and first flown in 2006, the Diamond D-Jet VLJ (Very Light Jet) was meant to compete with the Eclipse 500 and Citation Mustang with 5 seats and a price tag of around $1.9 million. Serial 001 (C-GVLJ), 002 (C-FPTM), and 003 (C-GUPJ) were the only three examples of this aircraft ever created. In 2014, the project was cancelled and the jets were rolled outside of the Diamond factory at London International Airport (CYXU) in Ontario, Canada where they remain today, side-by-side. Absolutely incredible to see one (or three) of what can only be described as the beginning of the VLJ competition.


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