Hands on Tour

Once a month the Boneyard Safari provides a hands on tour in conjunction with Aircraft Restoration Management in Tucson.  



Take a unique tour and see a side of aviation with an exclusive look through aircraft in their different conditions at ARM which is one of the last regeneration facilities in Tucson. Boneyard Safari Docents will guide 10 guests through a C-130, DC-3/C-47, Boeing 727, and walk around various other aircraft including a C-27A, T-37, C-131F, and P-3. It is limited to 3 hours due to weather conditions. Bring your cameras because this is a unique opportunity to go inside of aircraft as they are being regenerated or seeing their final days. Be prepared for hot weather, so bring a hat, sunscreen and good hiking shoes (lots of critters). If you would like to tour AMARG (The Boneyard) there is a daily bus tour through Pima Air and Space Museum.